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Orthopedic practice Dr. Lemme
in Berlin-Charlottenburg



Paid by health insurance

  • Chronisches LWS-Syndrom (Lendenwirbelsäulensyndrom)
  • Knee arthrosis (gonarthrosis)

For self-payers e.g

  • Cervical spine
  • Polyarthrosis hands, tennis elbow
  • other tendon diseases

Alternative treatment methods

In addition to the proven procedures of classic orthopedics, we also use alternative treatment methods such as acupuncture in our practice. This branch of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) holds disturbed energy flows responsible for the development of diseases. This imbalance can be reversed by pricking the meridians, which transport the body's life energy (Qi) and influence bodily functions. Clinical studies have proven the effectiveness of this method in orthopedics, for example for chronic back pain and arthrosis.