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Dynamic foot measurement

Orthopedic practice Dr. Lemme
in Berlin-Charlottenburg

Dynamic foot measurement


  • Digital measurement to determine the type of foot (bend, hollow, flat or normal foot)
  • Creation of individual insoles for precise support and relief of the foot structure
  • Treadmill analysis to optimize the rolling process when walking or running
  • Correction of axis and misalignments to improve knees, hips and spine
  • Preoperative planning to normalize the pressure distribution in the foot

Precise foot and gait analysis

Modern digital foot measurement not only enables to determine the type of foot such as fallen arch, arched, flat or normal foot, it also entails dynamic video recording to analyze the rolling process of the feet. By simply walking over the measuring plate with the feet, insightful data became readily available. Based on this foot and gait analysis stored in the computer, extremely precise insoles can be manufactured, which also contribute to a significant improvement in the alignment of the knees, hips and spine. The treadmill analysis also paints an exact picture of the running style of athletes. This serves to advise on the best running shoes and to create referrals for the creation of orthopedic footwear.