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Louboutin Lift

Orthopedic practice Dr. Lemme
in Berlin-Charlottenburg

Louboutin Lift

Hyaluronic acid filler for foot pain in high heels 

High heels not only make women look taller, they also make legs look longer and posture appear more elegant. The disadvantage: painful feet. The possible solution: "Louboutin Lift" - that means hyaluronic acid as a filler for your strained bunions. With hyaluronic acid injections in the balls of your feet, you may be able to stand, walk and even dance in high heels longer without pain.  

Shifting weight in high heels leads to painful bunions

While the body weight is evenly distributed on the feet in flat shoes, the weight in high heels shifts almost completely to the ball of the foot. This unnatural weight shift causes foot pain and a burning sensation on the soles of the feet.

Hyaluronic acid is mainly used by orthopaedic surgeons to relieve joint pain and by dermatologists to combat wrinkles. With the Louboutin Lift, it is injected under the heel or other stressed, painful areas of the ball of the foot.

How the Louboutin Lift works

The injection of hyaluronic acid creates an invisible gel-like cushion that takes over the cushioning function instead of the patient's own fat. This cushioning effect relieves pain and protects the muscles and foot bones at the same time. Patients report that their feet feel cushioned and that they have a light floating feeling when walking. 

Further information is available in the practice.


For a one-time treatment by the orthopaedic surgeon and podiatrist Dr. med Alexander Lemmé in Berlin-Charlottenburg, costs of between 250 - 500 euros must be expected. The Louboutin Lift is not covered by health insurance.